Thursday, October 21, 2010


For the first time in the history of Sneak Koohns' Easy Money, we have two contributors at eachother's throats. After Brock's last "Lock" was posted, Maddog made this statement:

"Ol' baby Lock is gonna run his mouth? Just as his all-time record climbs to 0-1? I guess he's the type to do that. Unsuccessful in everything, and still throwing up confidence all over his own shirt. Hey Ol' Brock Lock Cock in his Mouth Robbins, try getting one win. One measly win, before the next time you start slobbering out your nonsense. My overall record speaks for itself, and apparently, so does yours. You shoulda let this sleepin' dog lie Brock. You dogged me once, and now you're getting your nose rubbed in it. Dog me twice and your ass gets bit. Three times??? Shit, you're burried in the bone yard. LOCK IT UP!"

Sneak Koohns has tried to contact both Maddog and Lock for further comments. Both parties have not returned calls.

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