Friday, September 4, 2009

NCAA Week 1 Picks

Football season is here! The following are my plays for Week 1 of the NCAA Football Season:

3:30 PM

Nevada (+14.5) @ Notre Dame

UGA (+4.5) @ Oklahoma St.

3:40 PM

Missouri @ Illinois (-7)

7:00 PM

BYU vs. Oklahoma (-22)

8:00 PM

Va. Tech vs. Alabama (-6.5)

10:00 PM

Maryland @ Cal. (-21)

10:30 PM

LSU (-18) @ Washington

Two other plays I'm not quite as confident in are:

12:00 PM

Minnesota @ Syracuse (+7)

3:30 PM

Baylor @ Wake Forest (-2)


  1. Sneak, I was a little skeptical at first, but now I realize THIS SITE'S A WINNER!!! I'm already up $14.00 after my first week! Thanks Sneak, and I can't wait for the games this weekend!

  2. i lost my house because of you. you told me these were locks, you said it was easy money...then you go and lose almost all the bets..Why? Why would you do that to someone....My wife left me and know the babies are sick and we have no insurance...Can i sleep at your house for a few weeks until i get back on my feet?


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